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7 Aug 2017

Wisdom Councils & Dynamic Facilitation – Engaging citizens

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Wisdom Councils & Dynamic Facilitation – Engaging citizens

Jim Rough, the founder of dynamic facilitation and wisdom councils is coming to Sweden in November 2017. This will be a unique opportunity to meet Mr Rough in person and gain deep insights into the vast untapped potential of his methodology and learn about how it can be applied to engage citizens in community issues and political processes.

Here is a link to a very interesting presentation by Manfred Hellrigl from Austria. He speaks to the Swedish SKL (national umbrella organisation for regions and city councils in Sweden) and shows how he has helped to breath life and engagement into small stagnant communities in Austria, using dynamic facilitation and wisdom councils. It’s well worth watching if you’re working in a community somewhere in the world, wondering to make a profound difference for the people in your community.

Details about this upcoming seminar in Sweden can be found here LINK

The amount of seats are limited, so book now!

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