InstructorJim Rough
TypeOnsite Course
DateNov 8, 2017 - Nov 8, 2017
PlaceGothenburg Sweden

Welcome to a 2 hour introduction to Dynamic Facilitation & Wisdom council seminar delivered by Jim Rough himself. The event is taking place in Gothenburg Sweden and will be broadcast over ZOOM and Facebook. The exact location to meet Mr Rough in person will be communicated shortly. Please register to this free event to be able to participate.

About the 2 hour seminar

In this seminar, you will have the opportunity to learn about the power of group collaboration in a choice-creating zone, working on shared issues.

Dynamic Facilitation evokes “choice-creating,” a special quality of thinking where people use all their capacities to achieve breakthroughs on impossible-seeming issues. Choice-creating is like what often happens naturally in a crisis, where everyone drops their old ways of thinking and comes together to achieve the impossible. Dynamic Facilitation can be used with individuals, groups, organizations and, through the Wisdom Council, very large systems of people.

  • Know how to facilitate people to solve difficult, seemingly impossible issues
  • Be able to facilitate trust-building, new options, and shared visions
  • Grow in your capability to live a participative management style
  • Develop leadership skills for helping diverse or conflicted people arrive at “shared aha’s” and collective breakthroughs
  • Gain confidence in welcoming difficult issues, divergent perspectives, and conflict

The Wisdom Council is a new-paradigm leadership tool for facilitating whole-system change — in corporations, cities, unions, professional associations and government agencies. With little cost or time, it promises to establish a system-wide “choice-creating” conversation, where people think together making progress on the most difficult issues

Jim Rough is originator of the Wisdom Council process, which is has been implemented in a number of cities throughout Central Europe, government agencies, cooperatively owned businesses, schools, and conferences. He is co-founder of the nonprofit Center for Wise Democracy, which promotes the Wisdom Council

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