TypeOnsite Course
DateNov 20, 2017 - Nov 22, 2017
Time24 hours
PlaceBrixen/Bressanone Italy

Please note!! – This training course is delivered in Italy by one of our partners.

Jim Rough will also be the lead instructor at this training course.

You are invited to the first-ever Dynamic Facilitation seminar in Italy taught by the originator of Dynamic Facilitation, Jim Rough. Facilitators help people think at a high level. And the highest level is when people face impossible-seeming problems, stay creative and achieve breakthrough progress.

Dynamic Facilitation evokes this kind of thinking, what we call “choice-creating,” which opens new doors of possibility in many different fields e.g. leadership, conflict resolution, education, therapy, trust-building, organizational development, democracy, group problem-solving and relationships in general.

The location is in Brixen / Bressanone in northern Italy. (Conference centre Cusanus Akademie

n the seminar you will learn Dynamic Facilitation skills through experience, helping people work on issues they care about, making win/win progress. You will be personally coached in
how to do this by trusting the genius within each person, and by supporting their feelings and intuitions.
Also, you will learn how Dynamic Facilitation is being used to empower large systems of people, like organizations and communities. For examples, see the website for our nonprofit
organization The Center for Wise Democracy (

“I’m more convinced than ever that Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council provide the breakthrough tools needed to facilitate emergence in our society.”
Dr. Manfred Hellrigl, Dir. Office of Future Related Issues, Vorarlberg Austria

“Facilitation and Choice-creating Seminar teaches the most fluid, powerful form of
consensus process I know, which also happens to be key to the Wisdom Council, the most
powerful democratic innovation I know.”
Tom Atlee, Author of The Tao of Democracy and Empowering Public Wisdom


The cost 500 Euro includes room & board. Please contact for more information and for booking your seat at this training course.

Disclaimer: Since the training course is conducted by an external partner, the Necadium terms and conditions don’t apply. We’re simply promoting it! Representatives from Necadium will be present at this training course so feel free to contact us if you’re interested in travelling together to Italy for this event.

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