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About Us

Necadium - Learn from the best!

Who are we?

Necadium is a privately held company based in Sweden.

Our passion is Dynamic Facilitation and the vast untapped possibilities for real change that lies within this unique methodology. We’re committed to helping others achieve the impossible.

Our training courses
Instructional Design
Dynamic Facilitation
Learning measurement & Impact
Graphical Facilitation

Training must deliver more value than it costs

Our business idea is simple. Deliver world class training in an engaging way that leads to real results for our clients.

Our competence development philosophy

All of our instructors are certified in their respective areas of expertise and has extensive training experience on an international world-class level. We’re committed to making our training courses as practically applicable as possible while being engaging and leading to sustained learning at the same time. Our instructors are always “in training” themselves in order to stay ahead of industry trends. We actively network with other professionals working with Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Councils.

“We want training, but no PowerPoints please!” Has become our motto. Gone are boring sessions where someone simply read their slides and hope that people learn something! We work with graphical facilitation and group exercises that guarantee that all participants will not only be engaged and have fun while learning, but that they can apply their new skills from day one.

Meet the Instructors in our Network

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Andrea Gewessler

Business owner & Facilitator
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Jim Rough

Founder & President Jim Rough & Associates, Inc
Jim is a business consultant, speaker, and principal seminar leader for the seminar Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council. He…
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Patrik Johansson

Director of Learning & Development Necadium AB
Patrik is a very experienced instructor and has worked for large international corporations for over 20 years. He has an…
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