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Instructor Policy

Please note that all the instructors in the international network perform work for other clients and companies that are not mentioned on this page. Our instructors can be hired by Necadium AB, self employed and/or hired by a third party.
Without exceptions and under no circumstances will persons working together with Necadium AB share/copy/transmit/communicate intellectual or material property from that third party.
Examples of this could be patents, customer databases, customer information and technical drawings. This kind of data as well as personal relationships will never be used to influence decisions in any way that could be deemed illegal or unsuitable by a non-partisan legal body.
If these rules are broken by anyone working for or with Necadium AB, that person or entity will be banned from any future work, and authorities will be notified in case of any potential illegal activity.
Simply said, we take our work seriously and you can rest assured that we will always work with the highest of ethical standards and never share information with a third party. You can trust us!